I Think I’m In Love With You



I Think I’m In Love With You

by FoxyBlondFemme

You walk into the room
I find a place to hide
I’m so scared to tell you
How I feel inside

My heart beats for you,
It races when you’re close
But I’m scared to be true
Because you’re friendship means the most

When you touch my skin,
A shiver runs up my spine
I don’t know where I should begin
I want you to be mine

Your smile

by Jenny

Thinking about you,
Makes my day,
Every moment,
In every way,
Your smile melts my heart,
Like no other,
When we stare at each other,
Your face gives me butterflies,
Whenever I look at you,
It makes me want to blurt out,
I Love You,
But what turns me on,
Is not just you face and your smile,
It’s your personality,
And the times when we talk awhile,
Being with you makes me happy,
All the time,
That I wished you were forever mine,
But you have someone else
Which hurts my heart,
Every time I think about it,
It tears me apart,
I understand,
If you love another and not me,
Because the truth is,
I just want you to be happy,
But what pains me the most,
Is when we talk to each other,
And all you can talk about,
Is her,
If she makes you smile,
If she makes you glad,
I don’t want to get in the way,
Because I’m not like that,
But to tell you the truth,
When she goes,
I just want to tell you,
I love you more then you’ll
Ever know


Secret Love

Secret Love

by Eyes Of Love


There he is,
Just standing there
As usual.

I see the wind
caressing his skin
and I think:

I wish I could be the wind
That caresses his skin
and goes slow through
his shiny curls.

Then I see the rain
Falling down slowly.
Landing on his forehead,
slowly going down his cheek
then keeps on falling
until it reaches his lips.
I think again:

I wish I could be the rain
That caresses his lips
as slow as it can
ignoring how time
just passes by.

And I think one last time…
I wish I could be anything
that involves the act of touch.
Then that way i can show him,
I can show him how much
I really love him.

And ask him:
If you only knew that I exist,
Would you want to be anything
that has contact with me as
much as I do?
In other words…
Would you love me?



Wala na pong kokontra gusto ko lang mag emote… bagay po sa akin yun… ahehehe.. salamat pa pagbasa nito…

“I love the way you Lie”


Please Stay

Please Stay

Please Stay,
It doesn’t have to be for long,
But I know that I am not strong
Enough to watch you walk away.

But, I could use you here.
That to me is clear.
I feel that when I’m near
You, you push away my fear.

Please Stay,
I know you have things to do
I know there’s people who need you,
To lead them in their way.

Please stay,
I really couldn’t bare
That awkward long and binding stare
As I watch you walk away

But what about me?
Didn’t you see,
When I needed to breathe,
And I wasn’t free?

What about us
And all the things that we braved?
Why couldn’t we be saved?
Was it because we had lost our trust?

Please stay
Just another minute or two
Or maybe until the day is through,
Then we could walk along the bay,

And I would say,
“I need you so,
Why is it that you have to go
When you’re the only one to bring joy to my day? ”

Please stay,
I know you’re on a different track.
I promise not to hold you back
If you decide you need to walk away.

Please Stay,
It’s just so hard to let you go
When I still love you so
Much it hurts in everyway

So, please stay
There is so much you need to show
Me, but I just need to know,
Where did our love go?

Heidi Fiore



I’m walking down this road called heartbreak,
which leads to a place called despair.
It’s a long and lonely road that I’m travelling
and I’ll find no comfort there.

It’s not a road I ever thought I’d be taking
and it’s not the way I’d choose to go,
but my failure to hold onto life’s dream
has led me down this road of sorrow.

This road has deep holes filled with sadness,
when I stumble, tears form in my eyes.
From the darkness tears splash into the puddles
and the whole world can hear my cries.

My broken dreams and schemes accompany me
even though they weigh heavy on my mind.
Happy and sad memories hinder my progress,
which makes each step so hard to find.

My heart has been emptied and shattered,
and I’ve only heartbreak road left to walk.
It’s a never ending one-way road of darkness
to which no sunshine can be brought.

Orlando Belo



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