Secret Love

Secret Love

by Eyes Of Love


There he is,
Just standing there
As usual.

I see the wind
caressing his skin
and I think:

I wish I could be the wind
That caresses his skin
and goes slow through
his shiny curls.

Then I see the rain
Falling down slowly.
Landing on his forehead,
slowly going down his cheek
then keeps on falling
until it reaches his lips.
I think again:

I wish I could be the rain
That caresses his lips
as slow as it can
ignoring how time
just passes by.

And I think one last time…
I wish I could be anything
that involves the act of touch.
Then that way i can show him,
I can show him how much
I really love him.

And ask him:
If you only knew that I exist,
Would you want to be anything
that has contact with me as
much as I do?
In other words…
Would you love me?



Wala na pong kokontra gusto ko lang mag emote… bagay po sa akin yun… ahehehe.. salamat pa pagbasa nito…

“I love the way you Lie”



How Bad is Your Temper According to your Horoscope?

Nothing seems to ruffle you more than a lack of discipline, disloyalty and decorum. But Arians are also known to go into a rage very easily when challenged. Those of you who have been on the receiving end of the Aries temper know that if not calmed down they can even get violent. But one thing is certain if the opponent remains calm and does not react to their outburst, Arians cool down very fast. They are also the first to apologize, which makes them easier to forgive.

You are generally quiet and have control over your emotions. It is difficult to predict what will upset you, so when you do lose your cool, people don’t know how to react. Your temper is like that of a raging bull, and anyone trying to pacify you will be the first one to get a verbal bashing. You generally get upset when you are concerned or when people accuse you of doing something wrong. You also hate being reminded about mistakes you’ve made in the past. You also have the potential to be terribly vindictive if rubbed the wrong way.

GEMINI (MAY 21 – June 29)
You are recognized by your cheerful disposition and your jovial nature is easily susceptible to anger. In fact, you are the best person to have around when there is an ugly scene at a party you can bring the warring factions together quite diplomatically. But when you lose cool, you yell and scream and will not listen to reason. You must have the last word in a wordy duel. Your capacity to argue aggressively is matched only by your seductive charm.

Considering how charming, caring and kind you are, you dislike unpleasant scenes, much less creating one yourself. You have great tolerance and rarely get provoked into losing your temper. If someone is unreasonable or trying to create trouble, you are more likely to walk away quietly. But that does not mean you do not have a temper. When angry, in your effort to control your emotions, you tremble, your hands get sweaty and sometimes you fumble for words. Tears roll down your eyes easily and the opponent is touched by your innocence and will seek an apology immediately.

If anyone has total control over their emotions, it is you. But then, you can be described as stiff, cold and uncaring. You are known to lack spontaneity but you really don’t care about opinions. You don’t like to create scenes and will never accept invitations to a party where you suspect the presence of an unruly lot. But your very presence seems challenging to some and they take vicarious pleasure in your disquiet. When angry you can use critical language. A dressing down can humiliate your opponent, causing a strain between both of you forever.

Most of you are gentle and have full control over your emotions but those of you given to temper tantrums can certainly get violent. When see things with rage, you yell and shout and tend to break things lying close at hand. You can even harm yourself by banging your hands on a glass top table or wall. You should never get into any argument, for you are a sore loser. You feel that others are trying to persecute you and don’t quite respect your opinions. When hurt, you can also hold grudges forever.

Did someone say that you are the charmers of the zodiac? Well, it’s true. Few have ever seen you ruffled or angry. You are very conscious of your image, and you believe that anger distorts your face and personality. You also think you are above things like anger. But wait before you get into self-congratulatory mood. Your family or those very close to you know you better. You have an unmatched temper amongst all the zodiac signs, and what makes it worse is your capacity to justify it.

Of course you don’t lose your cool. But your very demeanor (manner) projects haughtiness (arrogance, pride), pride and grand disdain (disregard) for lesser mortals (human). Others are often found saying that anger sits on your nose and you are raring to give your piece mind to the first person who try to be funny with you. You are selective in the choice of your friends, and have a low tolerance for the superfluous (extra) types. Your tongue-lashing (attack) is generally in a soft hissing tone for when you scream, your voice tends to get shrill and loud and you do hate drawing attention to yourself! When upset, you are angrier with yourself for having shown weakness, for the last thing that Scorpio wants to show is being out of control.

You are insensible and generally have no complete control over your emotions. You do get angry quickly and others marvel at your anger levels even when provoked. Actually, you get tongue-tied when angry and you will remove your anger waiting for the other person to calm down. Then you will reason with your opponent and convince the other person in a very gentle manner that the whole thing was just his mistake. You’re also likely to totally sever ties with someone when you’re upset with them.

Few will believe that a hardcore practical and materialistic person like you is capable of sensitivity and genuine emotions. You project a hard exterior but are actually very sensitive, a trait you successfully hide from others. You can see thing with anger but will not betray your feelings. But then, there are times that even you cannot control your temper. Under such circumstances you can shout and scream, more with frustration at the situation than with anger at any particular person. Your outbursts can shock others and can make them feel guilty too.

You are noble and kind and dislike losing control over your emotions. It is very rare for you to get angry. You are also the pacifier in situations that involve arguments. It is always your endeavor to be perfect and socially correct in your behavior and attitude, but if misunderstood and slighted you can give in to an angry outburst. You will shout and scream and then walk out from the scene. You cannot easily forget the situation and will be bitter about it for a long time.

The only thing that can be said about you dreamers is that you appear even more attractive when angry. You are very sensitive to others’ feelings, so you rarely hurt them. But when others tend to hurt you, then things take a nasty turn. You will yell and use harsh words and feel inclined to shake everything and everyone up. Your creative imagination is at its best when angry, and you tend to get pretty dramatic. When upset, you refuse to listen to reason and wish to be left alone. But once you calm down, you repent your tantrums and seek forgiveness. SO nobody can be upset with you for too long.

Adik Sayo!!!

You’re beautiful syndrome (the never ending fantasy)

Yes poh! hindi ko na ipagakakaila pah, adik poh ako.. adik sa mukhang ito, wala naman sigurong masama mangarap di ba? wahehehe(masama lang talaga ang tama ko sa kanya). nalaman ko nalang na din na ko makakain, makatulog at makapag-isip ng maayos dahil sa kanya, nasisisra na buhay ko, muntik ko ng hiwalayan boyfriend ko(wah… maawa ka naman!!!). sa tingin ninyo, ano bang nagyayari sa akin??? Tulong!!!!!!!, Pero bago ang lahat ipakikilala ko muna sya sa inyung lahat….. Shing… Shing… tadah…. siya poh si Jang Guen suk, soulmate ko(sa panaginip!!!). bagong talent ko.. este, bagong kinababaliwan ko… know why?? hmmm… wala lang gusto ko lang ang role nya sa Korean Dramang You’re/he’s beautiful… hmmm.. sira ata ulo ko… wehehehe… wala lang talaga gusto ko kasi ang pagiging cold hearted nya, mayabang, mapagmataas, masungit, mayaman, singer, model, gwapo at mahal ko… sabi nga ng boyfriend ko…

BF: ano ba nakita mo dyan, di ka papansinin nyan, di kayo bagay mas bagay tayo (feeling!!!!)

Ako:(masama tingin sa kanya, parang lalamunin ng buhay) Ano ba paki-alam mo, eh gusto ko sya kasya sayo, so.. pasensya ka, ano hiwalay nalang tayo?(Galit talaga ako!!!)

BF:(Malungkot) sorry na… joke lang yun, kaw naman.. labs kita kahit labs mo yan… sorry nah..

Ako:(di pa rin tutuwa) ok… cge hanap tayo ng mga cd nya..

Ayun.. bili agad ny Dvd, palaging sinasayang ang Oras paka makita lang siya sa Internet…(para na ako sira)… sabi nila lilipas din yan.. pero bakit baliw pa rin ako sa kanya.. arggg.. (itigil mo na to, baliw ka na)… at ngayong gusto ko lang ishare ang kagwapuhan nya.. sana di kayo mainis…. Yeboy!!! shing.. shing!!!..

Here are some Pictures:

Jang Guen Suk as(hwang Tae kyung)

Yeh Boy.. I lab Yah.. Mwuah… Shing.. shing.. shing…

Some of you’re beautiful Quotes:

“You were almost there… just one more step and you would’ve found me.” – Shin Woo

“Even in a place where reporters and fans don’t chase after me, why is a pig chasing me?” – Tae Kyung

“I told myself I couldn’t see you, but you’re someone who draws the eye. But if I see you, it hurts and makes things tough for me. After only living at the convent, I came to live in this land of stars and was hit by electricity and lost my senses. I flew up right into the heavens and then crashed down to the ground. Fireworks exploded in my head and in one moment a thundering rainstorm crashed down on me. Since I’ve left this star-land, I saw the path I am to live. I would have to leave the star-land and just watch it from afar. If I see the brightest-shining star close up, it’s so blinding to the eyes that it hurts. That is why I am going to go far away.” – Mi Nam

“Don’t be anywhere where I can’t see you!” – Tae Kyung

“Then I can’t hold on to you. I wanted to be able to see you well when you came back, so I was trying to see even in the dark. Every day, I even ate the carrots and spinach I hate, because I worried that I might lose you in the dark. Because I didn’t want to lose you. But I can’t even hold on to you when I can see you well.” – Tae Kyung

“I bet you didn’t let her go, you shoved her away. Letting go is only something you can say when you’ve held on till the end. Have you held on to her? What you saw in Japan was me holding on to her till the very end. It must have looked pathetic and laughable to you, but because I took it all the way, I could let her go. You didn’t do that, did you? You just stood there in your place and didn’t think of following her when she said it was hard, didn’t you? Fine, keep preserving your pride and stand there until she runs far away, mighty Hwang Tae-kyung.” – Shin Woo

“It’s not a crime to like someone.” – Jeremy

“You’re listening now, aren’t you? It’s so bright here, and your side is so dark that I can’t see you. Please, don’t be where I can’t see you! Come to where I can see you. Give permission to let me see you.” – Tae Kyung

“Even so, the moon has its uses. Rather than pointlessly brightening up an already bright day, it gives light on a dark night. Isn’t that useful?” – Mi Nam

“I’m going to keep telling you, so listen good every day. I love you.” – Tae Kyung

“When I thought you were a guy, I was okay with it. When I found out you were a girl, I was okay with it. But if you like him, I can’t be okay with it. Why? Why wasn’t it me? I told you about my treasure bus, and I let you close to Jolie and I was going to sing a song only for you. Why don’t you like me?” – Jeremy
“He’s like a bright, shining star. When I receive that light, I feel brighter and also darker. When it’s bright I get my hopes up, and when it darkens I feel disappointment. I hate myself for this and feel ashamed.” – Mi Nam

“Seeing how you worried about me even though you were that sick, you seem to have some loyalty. Seeing you enduring through it, you’ve also got some spirit. I haven’t wanted to accept you and wanted to reject you, but because of this, I’m accepting you. I’m on the same team as you now, so I feel a duty to look after you, and I’ll take responsibility for your affairs, too.” – Tae Kyung
“I don’t want to admit it, but I’ve been dumped. Believing that she would come back when she was feeling better was my delusion. Pig-Rabbit looked totally fine. I was the only one hanging on. Before things get any worse, I’d better reply that I’m okay.” – Tae Kyung

“I see you very well right now. You can’t see me because it’s too bright, can you? When I couldn’t see you, were you always crying like that?” – Tae Kyung

“We’re one team now. You said you came here today because you didn’t want anyone to be hurt. If that’s what you want, then keep acting as a man through the end. Even if you want to quit now, we can’t let that happen. We’ll take responsibility for you, so you take responsibility for us, too.” – Tae Kyung

“You can’t even see anything properly! You’re well-off on your own, so bright on your own that those around you can’t see in the dark! You can’t see anything properly and you don’t know anything, so why are you acting like this? Why are you angry with me, who’s just trying to endure? Just leave me in the dark. Who asked for you to look at me?” – Mi Nam

“Yes, because of this song, my mother was abandoned. You were also abandoned by your mother, so you must been very hurt. But my mother also felt such a huge pain that she gave birth to me alone and died. ‘Go make friends?’ How could I make friends with your mother? Are you so busy thinking only of yourself that you cannot bother to see anything else? I’m sorry that I knew about your mother and didn’t say anything. You looked so sad that I could not let on that I knew. I’m sorry that I knew you were remaking my father’s song and didn’t say anything. I did not know the story behind it. You told me not to show myself to you. But it’s hard for me to see you, too. That’s why I’m going far away, where I won’t be seen. So there will be no reason for us to feel pain as we see each other any longer.” – Mi Nyeo

“When I’ve disliked a person in the past, I kept disliking them, because they kept doing things I disliked. I disliked you from the moment I saw you, and sure enough you did the thing I hate most. It’s clear that you’ll keep doing things I hate and that I’ll keep hating you. So that forgiveness you talk about won’t happen now, or ever.” – Tae Kyung

“That writer wrote, ‘Everyone who doesn’t love is guilty.’ That means that anyone who loves, no matter who they love, is guiltless.” – Jeremy

“I’m going to keep telling you, so listen good every day. I love you.” – Tae Kyung

“We’re one team now. You said you came here today because you didn’t want anyone to be hurt. If that’s what you want, then keep acting as a man through the end. Even if you want to quit now, we can’t let that happen. We’ll take responsibility for you, so you take responsibility for us, too.” – Tae Kyung

“Even though I haven’t confessed to her yet, I feel like I’ve been rejected a hundred times already.” – Shin Woo

Jeremy and Mi nam/mi nyeo

Shin woo and Minam/minyeo

Hwang tea kyung(jang guen suk) and Minam



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