Breaking in silence

Breaking in silence

It hurts to love someone when you can’t tell what you really feel.

Because sometimes…

we get hurt w/0 them knowing..

we get jealous w/o the right to feel that way..

we want their time w/o being in the position to demand for it..

Until our heart’s breaking in silence.

But despite it..

we continue to love because somehow in this hurtful love…

there’s still the hope of having simple moments w/ them..

even if it means being JUST FRIENDS….

Dedicated to Coldred.. and all of my friends out there…

Di kayo nag iisa… Andito din ako..

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  1. Len
    May 14, 2010 @ 08:08:47

    hays, what ca i say?!?! hays lang..

    totoo yan, na fifeel ko.. hehe 🙂



  2. duking
    May 14, 2010 @ 13:25:08

    wow.tamang lungkot naman nito.

    tingin ko,you have to look at love in a different angle.yung tipong never measure it like the way you spawn eternal in the most beautiful yun ay ang puso nating laging magmamahal.someday soon,you’ll find the happiness.untill then,sasanayin ko na ang sarili ko sa magaganda yet medyo malungkot na post mo.

    magandang gabi!!!


  3. curiousclaw
    May 14, 2010 @ 15:23:07

    naku isa na namang malungkot na entry… at isa na namang mapait na katotohanang marami ang nasa ganyang sitwasyon…

    maayong gabii missbroken! 🙂


  4. coldred
    May 15, 2010 @ 05:32:34

    COLDRED breaks her silence:
    AHAHAHAH…. nakakarelate ako! Yah!
    Its really hard to express that u cared for someone bcoz in our mind and culture its not right coz we are gurls..and its not supposed to do those things in our behalf. GUYS should do that…:) ryt guys…? ehehhehe… expressing the love and affection to gurls first and us in return.. 🙂

    In this love situation, I believe lots of hopeless girls out there can insanely relate from those words above. Yes its really hard and it hurts a little..? y little? ahahhah… I want u to know this, despite the “NO PANSIN” situation bear in mind that u are still blessed bcoz u are loved as a FRIEND. Though it’s just a friend, I believe GOD has a reason y “FRIENDS” is the main status of that relationship. If that’s wat He has given then treasure it!. Always remember, millions of people livin’ in this world and u are so blessed that GOD crossed ur path in a special way. IF he is not for you then he is not meant for you. I believe , there’s some1 outthere meant and deserving for ur love..for MY love.. and he is just around the corner… just wait until the right tym comes along.. in GOd’s time.. so about this feeling i’ve experience ryt now, I believe its just mere infatuation never a love.. coz love is not selfish… nor..ashamed to express the real love not just feelings but commitment to each other… thanks and GOD bless… GOd loves us so much! even me..ehehhehe.. mwah!!! ~ LjT


    • missbroken
      May 15, 2010 @ 05:40:10

      nosebleed ako dun Tlai.. hahaha… speechless… well i was in that situation once(until now), mahirap talaga magkaroon ng onesided love.. masakit kaya makita mahal mo na may kasamang iba.. kahit masaya ka dahil masaya sya.. pero masakit pa din dahil, naiisip mo na sana ikaw ang kasama nya… aray ko poh…

      get over na tayo…..


      • coldred
        May 15, 2010 @ 05:51:01

        Ahahha..yah ur ryt terox… u know what.. Just bear the word “GIVE CHANCE to others” ahahha .. MAGAGANDA tayo ROX… AHAHAAH.. Sabi ni Lord… Dont put “self pity” in ur dictionary…ahahah.. bitaw … TREASURE the friendship… GOD has a special some1 for you.. apir! sagde na xa… get over… ahahha.. move on..lets recover and improve our beauty inside out!!!ahahhaha

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